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WINHUB POS is a wonderful framework for Point of sale. The program has a variety of features such as Customer Management,Project Management, Accounts,Data & Reporting, Reset API, CRON JOBS, Management with distinction in User Roles, Point Of Sale, Facturing and Procurement. It offers tax-only choices,including and GST for all types.


Point Of Sale

1.Beautifully Designed Point Of Sale
2.Support for Online Payment
3.POS Registers for each employee
4.POS Registers Log
5.QR Code Due Invoices

Ready to use Payment Gateways

7.Pin Payments


1.Custom tax rates per products
2.Select TAX Type for invoices
3.Delivery Note
4.Preforma Invoice
5.Custom discount rates per 6.products
7.Integrated Stock Manager
8.Get online payment with unique
9.invoice link
10.Decent Invoice Printing template

Inventory Management

1.Track Stock worth category wise
2.Product Serials
3.Manage Product Ware Houses
4.Manage products with live stock status
5.Auto Email Alert for low stock 6.Auto Email Alert for low stock Product varriations – like color size

Customer Management

1.Customer Wallet and online recharge
2.Get Record of Invoices with specific customer
3.Income & Expenses by customer
4.Income & Expenses by customer

Multiple Stores

1.Create Multiple Store Under One Brand 2.Assign Store to an employee

Purchase Orders

1.Send Purchase receipt with your stock requirement to supplier
2.Integrated to Inventory Manager

Supplier management

1.Get Record Purchase orders
2.Payment record to supplier


1.Employee Payroll
2.Employee Attandance, Holidays
3.Employee Salary
4.Employee Salary History & Increment

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